I'm a professional 23yo actor. Looking for a space near theater district. Currently working as admin & director for local theatre company, also making coffee during the day. Very clean, organized, and gay.
Hi! I'm an upstate new york native living in DC for the past two years. I work in fashion for a women's designer and I'm moving to NY in the fall. I am looking to live in Brooklyn with one other roommate. I work hard but love to explore and be adventurous and would love to find a roommate who wants to be friends, too! Pet Friendly and 420 friendly if it applies to you. Message me!
Hi! I m a social person who d love a roommate who can also be my friend as well! I don t mind smoking, pets, or having people over as long as it s not interfering. I study interactive media arts and love art.
Bio Hello! I am a passionate pastry cook moving to New York to work in restaurants that can teach me everything there is to know about sustainability and delicousness. I am looking for a room that can accommodate a couple as my boyfriend, Arthur, and I will be sharing it. He is an aspiring culinary chef. We met at the CIA and upon graduation, moved to New Orleans to get a feel for the incredibl...
I am going to attend the international culinary center in the spring to become a pastry chef, and I m looking to move in right on my birthday or a little after. I have had a job since i was 15 and I save and budget responsibly.
Bonjour ! I am a French Law student at Fordham University. I am looking for an accomodation in NYC for one year LL.M. studies. As a human, I am very down to earth and easygoing. I love to read and explore new places downtown. Before arriving in NYC my background has been in law and economics but also in diplomacy, working for the French State Department in the Middle East.
I'm a graduate student enrolled in New York University School of Professional Studies, and I am working toward a degree in publishing. I love cats, books, writing and bingeing TV shows. I'm a more of a night person, but I usually don't stay up too late. I'm considerate and easygoing.
Hi! I am looking for a room to move into September 1. I work as a staff writer for business.com in Midtown and am a chill, clean and respectful roommate. I have no pets, do not smoke, and am single. In my free time I like to do yoga and soulcycle, hang out in the park, explore the city, and travel!
I'm at 23 year old teacher, working for the NYCDOE. Also a native new yorker, born in Queens. I am looking for a female roomate(s) to live with in Brooklyn! I am extremely organized and responsible, as you would expect from a teacher!! :)
My name's Adam, I'm 23 and an Art Director in advertising. I'm from New Zealand and looking to move to NYC in the next few months-ish, so don't read too much into my move in date hahaha. I'm super chill, love a laugh, and I'm a sucker for a good convo. Willing to flat with guys and/or girls I'm easy. Flick me a message and let's have a chat! Keen to get to know ya.
I'm looking for a place to make home while enjoying my last year in NYC. I am respectful, CLEAN and kind person. Since my work hours are a bit crazy, I am a bit of a night owl. I enjoy cooking when I have time, dancing to music with a glass of wine and watching documentaries. I am looking for a like minded roommate. Cheers, Janeva
I am a recent graduate who just started a fashion job in the FiDi. I live outside the city right now, but I am trying to move in ASAP. I am friendly, adventurous, like to go out or stay in and chill. Exercise and healthy eating are important to me. I also have a small dog, who is super friendly and low maintenance. I am looking for a roommate who is social and laid back. We don't have to be bes...